Nunavut Pleased with 0B Turbot Increase

IQALUIT, Nunavut (November, 9 2009) – The Government of Nunavut is pleased with today’s announcement by Minister Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, which stated Nunavut will be receiving 90% of the new increase in the 0B turbot quota. The 1,500 tonne increase in the 0B turbot quota for Canada was recently confirmed at the North Atlantic Fisheries Organization’s (NAFO) annual meeting in Norway. The sharing arrangement announced by Minister Shea will provide Nunavut interests with access to an additional 1,350 tonnes of turbot starting in 2010.

“We’re very pleased that Minister Shea has recognized the adjacency principle, the economic importance of this allocation to Nunavut, and the commitments that have been made to Nunavut for an increased share of its adjacent resources,” said Daniel Shewchuk, Minister of Environment. “This new allocation will significantly improve the viability of our fishing industry and will lead to greater employment and economic opportunities in fishery for Nunavummiut.”

In addition to the 90% provided to Nunavut under the announced sharing arrangement, Nunavik will obtain the remaining 10%, as per the terms of its Land Claims Agreement. This allocation will increase Nunavut’s share of the total 0B turbot quota from 27% to 41%.

“I wish to thank the Nunavut fishing industry and our other Nunavut stakeholders for their hard work over the past several months on this issue,” continued Minister Shewchuk. “Although we still have some way to go to achieve our ultimate goal of an 80-90% share of all our adjacent fishery resources, today’s announcement is an important step in the right direction.”

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