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Clyde River

Nice Little Inlet
70.4764° N, 68.6013°

Clyde River is a traditional Inuit community of approximately 1000 residents located on the shore of Baffin Island’s Patricia Bay.


Place of Many Fish
63.7467° N, 68.5170°

Iqaluit is located on Baffin Island at the northern end of Frobisher Bay near the mouth of the Sylvia Grinnell River.


The Heel
62.8474° N, 69.8692°

Kimmirut is a traditional Inuit hamlet located on the southernmost peninsula of Baffin Island.


The Place of Bull Caribou
66.1466° N, 65.7012°

Pangnirtung, located in the Cumberland Sound area, is home to approximately 1,500 Inuit people with a fascinating history.

Pond Inlet

The Landing Place
72.7001° N, 77.9585°

Located at the eastern entrance to the Northwest Passage on the Eclipse Sound and overlooking famous Bylot Island.

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