Baffin Fisheries is a 100% Inuit-owned company. The Company is jointly owned by five Hunters and Trappers Associations in the Qikiqtani Region of Nunavut: Pangnirtung, Amaruq (Iqaluit), Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet), Mayukalik (Kimmirut), and Namautalik (Clyde River). BF currently owns and operates two factory freezer trawlers and one factory freezer gillnetter. Corporate office is in Iqaluit with operational offices in Paradise, Newfoundland, Pangnirtung, and Pond Inlet. Baffin Fisheries also maintains a minority share in Pangnirtung Fisheries Ltd. Our goal is to maximize benefits and ensure sustainability of fisheries resources for Nunavut. We reinvest profits from the commercial offshore fishing industry to deliver economic benefits and opportunities to our communities.

Our Goal

Baffin Fisheries is committed to maximizing economic benefits for Nunavut, while ensuring a sustainable, healthy fishery and biosphere for all future generations. Our employees work with HTAs, agencies, and governments to develop appropriate economic development opportunities. Members of our management team work with industry stakeholders and regulatory agencies to continuously improve its operations and protect the natural environment. Baffin Fisheries is a strong supporter of the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board’s vision for benefits delivery, and responsible stewardship guidelines.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is for economic self-sufficiency for Nunavut

Our mandate is to maximize benefits and ensure sustainability of fisheries resources for Nunavut.

Our mission is to be the leading provider of wild, sustainable, cold-water seafood, for the benefit of Nunavut.

Baffin Fisheries considers effective Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) Management to be of the utmost importance to its business. The objective of our company HS&E Program is to prevent workplace accidents, injuries and illness, and to promote health, safety and the protection of the environment in every task undertaken by employees on behalf of the company. For every decision we make, health, safety and the environment must be carefully considered.

Company Structure

Management Team

Chris Flanagan

Chief Executive Officer

Glenn Grandy

Chief Financial Officer

Rick Lambe

Director Sales/Marketing – COO

Kavavow Mikijuk

Manager Crewing/Recruitment

Jason Dunphy

Manager Fleet Operations

Paul Loder

Manager Planning & Logistics

Michele Stanley 

Crewing/Recruitment Coordinator

Krista Summers

HSE Coordinator

Perry Akavak

Nunavut Project Coordinator

Harvey Nutarak

General Manager & Director Business Development Nunavut

Board of Directors

Jimmy Akavak

Amaruq HTA Association (Iqaluit, Nunavut)

Adamee Itorcheak

Amaruq HTA Association (Iqaluit, Nunavut)

Kiliktee Padluq

Mayukalik HTO Association (Kimmirut, Nunavut)

Jawlie Akavak

Mayukalik HTO Association (Kimmirut, Nunavut)

Phanuel Enooarak

Mittimatalik HTO Association (Pond Inlet, Nunavut )

Billy Merkosak

Mittimatalik HTO Association (Pond Inlet, Nunavut )

Roger Etuangat

Nammautaq HTO Association (Clyde River, Nunavut)

Kelly Kilabuk

Pangnirtung HTO Association (Pangnirtung, Nunavut)

Sandy Kautuq

Nammautaq HTO Association (Clyde River, Nunavut)

Mathew Nauyuk

Pangnirtung HTO Association (Pangnitung, Nunavut)


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Baffin Fisheries Coalition Created

Baffin Fisheries Coalition was created to invest in a fishing fleet and develop the capacity for a sustainable Inuit-owned and managed turbot fishery in Nunavut. In 2000, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans announced that the fishery in the region would be managed as a separate unit and Nunavut would receive the exploratory quota of 3,500-tonnes.

Niqitaq Fisheries Limited Created

Starting from scratch, fishing operations were initially managed through southern partnerships. In 2003,  Baffin Fisheries began the transition towards self-sufficiency through the creation of Niqitaq Fisheries Ltd. (NFL), a wholly-owned subsidiary which managed operations and began investing in shares in vessels.

Niqitaq Incorporates 2 new companies

In 2005, through its subsidiary Niqitaq Fisheries, Baffin Fisheries gained a 51% interest in two factory freezer harvesting vessels, the multi-species trawler, Inuksuk I, and the fixed gear vessel Sikuvut.

Niqitaq Fisheries Purchases Fishing Vessel

Niqitaq Fisheries purchased the old, idle fishing vessel, Vinlander, and resurrected a plan to revitalize the vessel into an efficient modern factory freezer, known today as the Arluk II.

Full Ownership achieved by 5 Nunavut HTA’s

In 2011, the five Hunting and Trapping Associations of Baffin Island took over full ownership of Baffin Fisheries.  To further develop capacity and maximize the benefit of the resource, Arluk II Fisheries Ltd. was incorporated as a wholly-owned subsidiary and was responsible for the purchase and refit of the fixed gear factory freezer harvesting vessel the Arluk II.

BFC purchased remaining OFL Shares

In 2012, Baffin Fisheries purchased the minority shares in OFL, transitioning from partial to full ownership. Since 2012, Baffin Fisheries has strived to increase development of the fishing industry in Nunavut. Baffin Fisheries recognizes that through sound fiscal management, strategic growth, infrastructure development, and continued expansion, it can position itself as a leader in the fishing industry, providing maximum benefit to its member organizations and the people of Nunavut.

Baffin Fisheries achieves 100% Ownership

Baffin Fisheries achieved the goal of 100% fleet ownership and Inuit control in 2015 and began implementing a plan to further increase benefits to Nunavut. The plan include generating economic activity in Nunavut communities; increasing the number of Inuit beneficiaries’ onboard vessels and in administrative and management positions; increasing fishing capacity; supporting economic development in Nunavut communities; vertically integrating the Company to include vessel management, sales & marketing, and training support.

Improved Inuit Engagement

In 2016 the Company focused on improving Inuit engagement, governance and management of the Company, and returning a greater percentage of profits to Nunavut. The Company doubled the number of Inuit directors from five to ten and began recruiting a team of Inuit recruitment personnel devoted to increasing the number of Inuit working on board our vessels. Baffin Fisheries remains committed of its drive to help the HTOs achieve economic independence.

Board Approves Plan to Procure New Vessel

In late 2018 the Board of Directors made improvements to Board governance and committee involvement and operations. Baffin Fisheries hired a new Business Development Manager in Iqaluit and completed office improvements to the Baffin Fisheries head office, located in Iqaluit and leased from the Amaruq HTO. In 2019 the Board approved a plan to procure a new vessel to replace part of its aging fleet. 


Our certifications ensure that our crews stay safe and that the products we handle are managed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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