Baffin Fisheries Announces New Board Members

IQALUIT, NU, March 5, 2020

The Board of Directors of Baffin Fisheries is pleased to announce the election of David Alexander, of Amaruq HTA, as Chairman of the Board at a regular meeting of the Board held March 3, 2020, in Iqaluit. The following HTA representatives have been elected or confirmed as Baffin Fisheries Board members:

  • David Alexander, Chair, Amaruq
  • Leo Maktar, Vice-Chair, Mittimatalik
  • Mikidjuk Kolola, Secretary, Mayukalik
  • Billy Etooangat, Chair, Finance Committee, Pangnirtung
  • Maliktoo Lyta, Mayukalik
  • Eric Ootoovak, Mittimatalik
  • Roger Etuangat, Nangmautaq
  • Noah Alookie, Amaruq
  • Kelly Karpik, Pangnirtung
  • Joamie Apak, Nangmautaq

“I would like to thank previous Chair Johnny Mike for his contribution over the past year,” said David Alexander, “I look forward to continuing to move Baffin Fisheries in a positive direction.

We plan to hold several community visits this year to ensure all shareholders have an active voice in corporate development and community investments.”

Baffin Fisheries Background
Baffin Fisheries is a 100% Inuit-owned Company and is the leading commercial fishing enterprise in Northern Canada. It is jointly owned by five Hunters and Trappers Associations (HTAs) in Nunavut: Amaruq HTA (Iqaluit), Pangnirtung HTA (Pangnirtung), Mayukalik HTA (Kimmirut), Mittimatalik HTA (Pond Inlet), and Nangmautaq HTA (Clyde River). Each HTA elects two representatives to serve on the Board of Directors.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Niqitaq Fisheries Ltd, Baffin Fisheries owns 100% of its
fleet of three fishing vessels, which includes two large factory freezer multi-species trawlers and
a factory freezer gillnetter. Baffin Fisheries harvests Greenland Halibut (turbot) and cold water shrimp from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic, and markets its products around the world.

Health, Safety and Environment Statement
Baffin Fisheries considers sustainability and effective Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) management to be of the utmost importance to its business. Our objective is to sustain our natural resources for future generations, and to prevent all workplace accidents, injuries and illness. The promotion of health and safety, and the protection of the environment, are priorities in every task undertaken by employees on behalf of the company.

Employee Development
Baffin Fisheries firmly believes that the training, recruitment, and employment of Inuit beneficiaries contributes an important benefit to local communities. It is the aim of Baffin Fisheries to have skilled Nunavummiut throughout all levels of operations.

For information about employment opportunities aboard our fishing vessels, please contact
Kavavow Mikijuk
[email protected]

For further information about Baffin Fisheries:
David Alexander, Chair
[email protected]
Chris Flanagan, CEO
[email protected]


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