Continually Improving Our Fishing Practices

Baffin Fisheries supports new technologies and scientific research that minimize the environmental impact of fishing. We work closely with stakeholders and regulators to develop conservation and sustainable practices, while fully respecting Inuit harvesting rights and priorities. BFC’s goal is a sustainable fishery that will benefit generations of Nunavut residents into the future.

BFC has taken steps to continuously improve fishing practices. Our seasonal fishing plan is developed around sensitive marine cycles and we use trawl monitoring technology to minimize environmental impact. We strongly support the certification of our shrimp and turbot fisheries by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).


Baffin Fisheries supports the NWMB Responsible Stewardship Plan to:

  • Improve scientific knowledge of the Greenland Halibut (turbot) and shrimp stock.
  • Maintain a healthy turbot and shrimp stock through the use of science, Inuit knowledge, a precautionary approach, and discussions with other resource users.
  • Minimize harvest of small fish.
  • Operate consistently with the Species at Risk legislation.
  • Protect critical habitat, ecosystems and other species.
  • Collect and document Inuit knowledge of Greenland Halibut (turbot).

BFC is a strong supporter of NWMB’s Responsible Stewardship guidelines. BFC is fully compliant with:

  • DFO Legislation/Policy: Complied with all the relevant legislative and policy requirements of DFO, including license conditions, regulations, management plans, conservation harvesting plans, and encounter protocols.
  • Transport Canada Legislation/Policy: Complied with all Transport Canada’s relevant environmental stewardship requirements for fishing vessels.
  • Species at Risk Act (SARA): Complied with applicable SARA measures for marine species at risk.

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