Iqaluit is located on Baffin Island at the northern end of Frobisher Bay near the mouth of the Sylvia Grinnell River at 63.7467° N, 68.5170° W. It is home to Baffin Fisheries Head Office.

Iqaluit is the territorial capital of Nunavut, the largest and fastest-growing community in the territory. With a population of approximately 7,700 people, of which 60% is Inuit.

Iqaluit is the political, business, journalism and transportation hub of Nunavut, with an excellent airport. The landing strip is long enough to land the space shuttle, so it is often used for cold weather testing of the world’s largest new aircraft.

Formerly known as Frobisher Bay, the modern city of Iqaluit is rich with traditional Inuit culture. It is the home of many Inuit artists, filmmakers and musicians, plus there are arts and culture festivals staged in the spring and summer that bring artists here from across the territory.

The friendly people of Iqaluit love to go out on the land, sea and ice, to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

Iqaluit is located near beautiful parklands that feature a range of landscapes, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and ancient Thule sites to visit.

63.7467° N, 68.5170°

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