Baffin Fisheries planned and supported a test fishery project in Clyde River, which was carried out successfully in May 2019.

As part of the project, BF obtained 50t turbot quota for Nangmautaq HTO, and provided fishing gear and management support. The research component of the trip was managed by U of Windsor’s Nigel Hussey and the Ocean Tracking Network, and was supported by DFO, and GN.

Inuit fishermen Ilkou Anguikjuak & Mosa Palituq led the training. The group caught 116 turbot (300 kg) over 5 days. Turbot and bycatch were tagged for research. An inventory review indicated there is enough gear for four haulers.

Clyde River initiatives were developed based on input and preliminary design requests from the Namautalik Hunters and Trappers Organization and has their full support and active participation. Baffin Fisheries is satisfied with progress and is meeting its objectives related to this project.

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