The operation will serve as a test-marketing study for a future commercial smoked char export business in Kimmirut. The two-year project will:

  1. Make operational two existing smokers in the HTA processing building in Kimmirut
  2. Repair, upgrade, and extend the life of the community freezer building that holds the smokers and community freezer
  3. Train local HTA members to operate smokers, and package seafood products safely
  4. Provide an opportunity for local fishermen to expand char fishing operations and generate income selling surplus char and
  5. Provide an opportunity for a local vessel operator to charter vessel and crew.

If proven viable, the partners will develop a commercial fish smoking enterprise for the community of Kimmirut. The project involves assessing the current condition of smokers, freezer, and building, and completing a task/material list of requirements to install and repair the smokers, freezer, and building.  As the repairs and upgrades are being completed, residents will be trained in the processing, smoking, and packaging of the smoked char product. 

The agreement’s starting date became effective on Feb 5th, 2019 and will be completed over two fiscal years, with anticipated final completion by March 2020.  It will be of great benefit to the community of Kimmirut and Baffin Fisheries goal from this successful project is to support the development of small scale in shore commercial fishing/smoker operation in Kimmirut.

Baffin Fisheries is satisfied with progress and is meeting its objectives related to this project.

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