In 2018 Clyde River was identified as a priority community, in need of infrastructure. Baffin Fisheries Coalition, in partnership with the Namautalik Hunters and Trappers Organization, and with financial support from CanNor and the Government of Nunavut, is undertaking a three-year project to develop a new community freezer, including a country food preparation area and commercial turbot preparation area, turbot processing, and; develop a new HTA office building and commercial ATV/Snowmobile repair facility.

Summary of Clyde River Benefits Project:

  • a community/commercial freezer and food preparation building,
  • a separate office building with commercial garage, and;
  • snowmobile/ATV repair business

These projects will support a range of economic activities and strengthen community economics.

The community freezer, to be built, features a unique three-room design and free-air, energy efficient cooler unit. The building design includes a country food preparation area, and a separate commercial, turbot and char processing area, which can be operated to Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) standards.

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