NFA – Executive Director

The Nunavut Fisheries Association (NFA) seeks an experienced industry professional to manage the association and help drive forward the mandate for Nunavut’s Inuit-owned commercial fishing enterprises. The NFA was formed in 2012 to represent the common interests of the commercial fishing industry in Nunavut. Membership consists of the four Inuit owned companies which hold 100% of Nunavut’s share of offshore Shrimp and Turbot Allocations administered through the NWMB, and realize annual revenues exceeding $100M: Arctic Fishery Alliance, Baffin Fisheries, Pangnirtung Fisheries/Cumberland Sound Fisheries, and Qikiqtaaluk Corporation. Position: Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director leads and collaborates with all members to achieve the organization’s goals, strategies and annual objectives. The Executive Director works with members, NWMB, DFO, and other stakeholders to ensure Nunavut receives a fair share of adjacent allocations; maximize Inuit employment; secure funding for industry research, science and development, and; promote the interests of Nunavut’s commercial fisheries. The Executive Director will  lead the development of policies and strategies, consult with senior officials to promote the interests of members, and help identify research projects of benefit to members, and Qikiqtani communities. Other responsibilities include managing meetings of the Board, overseeing financial reports, and general management of membership administration. Responsibilities  Leadership:

  • Collaborates with members in developing and executing the vision and strategic plans
  • Publicly represents the Association to other stakeholders
  • Identifies, assesses, and informs members of relevant issues and trends
  • Fosters effective teamwork among members
  • Establishes and monitors key performance indicators (KPI) towards meeting objectives.
  • Oversees Board of Director meetings, Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and more.
  • Sources, hires, and oversees financial administrative support and auditors.
  • Understands and provides guidance on issues related to the Nunavut Land Claims Act
  • Develops, protects and manages a library of information relevant to members, and to the administration of the Association
  • Ensures the Association is compliant with applicable legal, regulatory, health and safety standards.
  • Procures and manages third-party legal, financial, or consulting support when required.
 Financial Management
  • Responsible for budget preparation and financial reporting. Oversees preparation of financial statements in accordance with required procedures.
  • Collaborates with external auditor and ensures timely delivery of all financial statements.
  • Identifies funding opportunities, writes funding applications, and manages all funding administration requirements.
 Communications and Outreach  Regularly communicates with members and stakeholders to ensure transparency and identify and meet members’ needs
  • Attends conferences, and prepares and delivers presentations to stakeholders
  • Identifies and communicates with key decision makers in the industry
  • Manages public relations to ensure that NFA messages and goals are consistently represented in a strong, positive manner to membership, government, regulators, and to the public
  • Liaises with government officials, other fishing enterprises in Atlantic Canada, and all stakeholders to promote the Association’s interests, and to keep members up-to-date on relevant matters.
 Expected Skills and Knowledge  Strong personal and interpersonal skills; ability to handle diverse agendas and personalities/positions; empathises with others and listens well
  • Highly effective in relationship building; works effectively with diverse stakeholders
  • Knowledge of Nunavut Land Claims Act and Nunavut fisheries history
  • Empathy and understanding of cross-cultural environments
  • Ability to contribute to a dynamic research agenda
  • Demonstrated ability in high level negotiations and bargaining
  • Excellent research and analytical skills
  • Superior writing skills - especially making policy positions accessible and relevant to relevant stakeholders and the average reader
  • Strong communicator - ability to communicate and message effectively to required industry, stakeholders, political community, and opinion leaders generally
  • Ability to work independently: self-motivation, self-direction and the ability to work unsupervised is critical
  • Superior organizational skills and excellent attention to detail.
 Ideal Qualifications and experience:  Graduate degree, in political science, economics, business, and/or fisheries policy
  • 10+ years’ experience in a public policy setting or advocacy group, or equivalent, related to Canadian and/or regional fisheries policy/industry
  • Demonstrated commitment to fisheries sustainability
  • Experience with and understanding of Inuit culture and history
  • Experience in public policy generally in addition to specific policy related to fisheries
  • Extensive board management experience
  • Extensive media experience, including interviews, media releases and experience in message development and communications of same
  • Proficiency with computers and common office tools and software applications.

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Baffin Fisheries