Vessel Safety

Safety and the protection of the environment are the top priorities when it comes to vessel management at Baffin Fisheries. The Company owns and operates four fishing vessels, including two large factory-freezer multi species trawlers (MV Sivulliq & MV Inuksuk I) and two factory freezer, fixed-gear vessels (MV Arluk II & MV Sikuvut).

Responsible vessel management

Baffin Fisheries complies with all safe and responsible vessel operating requirements. We practice sound waste management in all aspects of harvesting operations, with particular emphasis on the acceptable disposal of waste.

We ensure that all waste is kept on board the vessel(s) and disposed of at an approved land facility during each vessel offload.

MOB safety exerciseWe provide appropriate training for all crew members with respect to vessel safety and responsible and sustainable fish harvesting.

Emissions Prevention

The emission of dangerous substances from vessel/harvesting operations is prevented by holding all used fuels and lubricating oils on board and disposing of them at appropriate land facilities at the end of each trip.

Responsible fishing practices and gear-use

Baffin Fisheries complies with responsible fishing practices and gear-use by:

  • Employing fishing practices that minimize the risk of gear loss through not setting nets in ice infested areas. Baffin Fisheries has a recovery plan in place for the recovery of lost gill nets.
  • Using fishing gear that minimizes the harvest of by-catch, including marine mammals, and the harvest of juvenile fish. The majority of the gill nets used have mesh size of 8 inches to a minimum of 7.5 inches, resulting in a minimizing of juvenile fish harvested. Our focus is to have a conservation-minded view to the fishery, achieved through a balanced approach of fixed and mobile gear.

Baffin Fishers is fully committed to complying with NWMB’s Responsible Stewardship guidelines now and for the future.