Operations & Products

Baffin Fisheries is a 100% Inuit-owned organization formed in 2000 by Hunters and Trappers Organizations on Baffin Island, with headquarters in Nunavut. Shareholders have made significant investments into vessel ownership, and are 100% owners of two factory freezer fixed gear vessels and two large factory freezer multi species trawlers.Baffin Fisheries is committed to the sustainable develop the 0A offshore turbot fishery in Nunavut, and to the reinvestment of earnings in the following areas:

  • Exploratory fishing
  • Development of new inshore fisheries and emerging fisheries
  • Development of offshore fisheries
  • Recruitment and training for current and new jobs in the offshore fishing industry
  • Investment in Nunavut fishing vessels
  • Lobbying for increased access to the fish resources in its adjacent waters
  • Encourage scientific research
  • Maximize benefits to Nunavummuit, and
  • Administration of initiatives in the fisheries sector, including preparing calls for proposals
  • Baffin Fisheries’s objective over the next three-to-five years is to develop Nunavut’s  adjacent shrimp fishery as it did for the turbot fishery.