Nunavut offshore allocation holders form an industry association

IQALUIT, Nunavut

Date:  May 28, 2012

Since Nunavut became Canada’s newest territory in 1999 it has seen significant and impressive development in its adjacent offshore fishery for Greenland halibut and shrimp.  To ensure the continued growth  of this industry and to provide a unified industry voice on issues of concern to the fishery the Nunavut offshore allocation holders have formed an industry association, “Nunavut Offshore Allocation Holders Association (NOAHA)”.

The new association will represent the four organizations engaged in the harvest of quotas in waters adjacent to Nunavut.

Jacopie Maniapik, Chairman of BFC states, “We are very pleased to see the formation of an offshore fishing industry association, as it shows the progress Nunavut has made in the development of its offshore fishery. The formation of this industry association will give focus to the future development and lobbying efforts of the stakeholders in the Nunavut fishery”.

“CSFL is pleased to be a founding member of  NOAHA. In  early 1990s when CSFL got its first 300mt OB turbot offshore quota, I never thought that the Nunavut offshore fishing industry would grow into being a major player in the Canadian fishing  industry. I am  very pleased with Nunavut offshore fisheries continued development”,  said Johnny Mike CSFL   president.

“Compared to the fishing industry in the rest of Canada our industry in Nunavut is in its infancy. The action by the Nunavut Offshore Allocation Holders to form this association is a major step forward in the development of our industry and demonstrates we are quickly coming of age” commented Lootie Toomasie Chairman and CEO of AFA.

“The Government of Nunavut is pleased to see our offshore fishing industry working together and forming a new industry association.”, stated Minister James Arreak, Minister of Environment, “There are many important and common issues for the industry where the presence of a strong, united voice is critical. This demonstrates a coming of age and maturing of our industry.”

About NOAHA:

NOAHA is a Nunavut offshore fishing industry  association.  Its members are Nunavut offshore allocation holders:

  • Arctic Fishery Alliance (AFA);
  • Baffin Fisheries Coalition (BFC);
  • Pangnirtung Fisheries Ltd and Cumberland Sound Fisheries Ltd Partnership (PFL/CSFL); and;
  • Qikiqtaaluk Corporation (QC).

NOAHA’s focus will be on:

Lobbying for increased quotas in Nunavut adjacent waters.

  • Attending industry meetings and putting forward Nunavut’s views on various issues as they affect  the Nunavut  commercial fishery and its members
  • Lobbying efforts with Governments: Nunavut and Federally as it relates to  issues affecting the fishery
  • Any other matters of common interest where it is important the commercial fisheries voice be heard.

NOAHA’s office is located at building 208, Iqaluit, Nunavut, telephone:  867 979 7862.

Nunavut Pleased with 0B Turbot Increase

IQALUIT, Nunavut (November, 9 2009) – The Government of Nunavut is pleased with today’s announcement by Minister Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, which stated Nunavut will be receiving 90% of the new increase in the 0B turbot quota. The 1,500 tonne increase in the 0B turbot quota for Canada was recently confirmed at the North Atlantic Fisheries Organization’s (NAFO) annual meeting in Norway. The sharing arrangement announced by Minister Shea will provide Nunavut interests with access to an additional 1,350 tonnes of turbot starting in 2010.

“We’re very pleased that Minister Shea has recognized the adjacency principle, the economic importance of this allocation to Nunavut, and the commitments that have been made to Nunavut for an increased share of its adjacent resources,” said Daniel Shewchuk, Minister of Environment. “This new allocation will significantly improve the viability of our fishing industry and will lead to greater employment and economic opportunities in fishery for Nunavummiut.”

In addition to the 90% provided to Nunavut under the announced sharing arrangement, Nunavik will obtain the remaining 10%, as per the terms of its Land Claims Agreement. This allocation will increase Nunavut’s share of the total 0B turbot quota from 27% to 41%.

“I wish to thank the Nunavut fishing industry and our other Nunavut stakeholders for their hard work over the past several months on this issue,” continued Minister Shewchuk. “Although we still have some way to go to achieve our ultimate goal of an 80-90% share of all our adjacent fishery resources, today’s announcement is an important step in the right direction.”

Media Contact:

Sharina Dodsworth
A/Manager of Communications Government of Nunavut, Department of Environment (867) 975-7749

The Baffin Fisheries Coalition is pleased to announce the completion of revenue sharing royalty payments to its membership for the 2007 fiscal year.

IQALUIT, Nunavut Jan 25, 2008

The Baffin Fisheries Coalition is pleased to announce the completion of revenue sharing royalty payments to its membership for the 2007 fiscal year.

For the fourth year in a row, the BFC has distributed payments to its membership. Recently over $600,000 was distributed between its member organizations.

“Once again, these royalty payments to our member organizations are real proof that cooperation and vision are key to the sustainable development of the Baffin economy” stated Jacopie Maniapik, BFC Chairman.

Joshua Kango , Chair of Iqaluit’s Amarok HTO said “Amarok has proactively been reinvesting royalty payments into our new commercial building which we are now renting as office space. We are very happy to be in a position to show that our membership in the BFC continues to produce real benefits for our members and investment in our community”

“In 2007 our fisheries revenues were invested in a 31 foot vessel to undertake hunts for the community. We hope this way to increase the amount of country food available to the community” added Peterloosie Qarpik, chair of the Pangnirtung HTO.

BFC is located in Iqaluit, Nunavut and it is a Coalition of nine (9) Inuit owned organizations on Baffin Island. The majority of the members are Baffin Island Hunters and Trappers Organizations. The overall objective of the Coalition is to maximize the benefits of the developing fishery to Nunavut through a variety of initiatives as follows:

: Revenue sharing with its members:

: Vessel acquisition and ownership;

: Support for education and training programs, ensure that Inuit receive the initial skills

to allow them to work on the fishing vessels, and through a progression stage to move into technical and managerial positions on the harvesting vessels;

: Support for exploratory and research projects. As a result of this fund communities and stakeholders can carry out various exploratory and research projects. The benefits of such a fund are evident in the development of the 0A turbot fishery whereby Nunavut has 100% of this allocation on the Canadian side. Through this fund, major initiatives will be    undertaken to work with the communities to help them develop their inshore fishery.

Federal government announces increased science in the Arctic – stock assessment positions dedicated to Arctic Fisheries Research

IQALUIT, Nunavut (October 15, 2007) –

“We are very pleased with Minister Hearn’s announcement of October 15, 2007 that it will increase its science in the Arctic – Stock assessment positions dedicated to Arctic fisheries research.  We thank Minister Hearn for making such a positive decision, one that clearly meets the needs of the north. Baffin Fisheries Coalition (BFC), as a leader in the development of the northern fisheries have, for many years been advocating the need for additional, dedicated scientific staff in the north”, states Ben Kovic, President of Baffin Fisheries Coalition (BFC).

Jacopie Maniapik, BFC Chairman states, “Nunavut today has a  very viable turbot fishery in the Davis Straits and Baffin Bay areas, and this would not have happened if the stakeholders in Nunavut had not worked collectively with DFO to ensure that good stock assessment work was done in Nunavut’s adjacent waters. We have for thousands of years survived in the Arctic, by harvesting the fish and wildlife that exist in our part of the world. We are committed to ensuring that our fishery is environmentally and economically viable, and only through the much needed stock assessments can we ensure that this happens.

“Today, we have two (2) commercial fisheries in Nunavut’s adjacent waters: turbot and shrimp and a growing fresh water fishery in the form of wild arctic char. However, we are convinced that with the added staff positions dedicated to Arctic fishery research, and further stock assessment and research that it is only a matter of time before we have more commercial species to harvest. With increased commercial species will come increased benefits to the Inuit of Nunavut” states Johnny Mike, Chairman of Niqitaq Fisheries, a wholly owned subsidiary of BFC, that owns and operates fishing vessels in the north.

Stock assessment in the north has lagged behind that of our southern neighbours. It is only reasonable that fish and wildlife in the north should be managed based on the best scientific knowledge available. We look forward to seeing these staff positions located in Nunavut.