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Vision and Values

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To be the leading producer of premium, wild, cold water seafood.

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Baffin Fisheries is committed to ensuring the sustainability of a viable, healthy fishery and biosphere for all future generations. Baffin Fisheries works with industry stakeholders and regulatory agencies to continuously improve its operations and protect the natural environment. Baffin Fisheries is a strong supporter of the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board’s Responsible Stewardship guidelines.

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Baffin Fisheries considers effective Health, Safety and Environmental (HS&E) Management to be of the utmost importance to its business. The objective of our company HS&E Program is to prevent workplace accidents, injuries and illness, and to promote health, safety and the protection of the environment in every task undertaken by employees on behalf of the company.

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Baffin Fisheries is fully committed to research and development in the Nunavut fishery, and has invested more than $1 million to R&D and exploratory projects in Nunavut. Baffin Fisheries recognizes that research and science are essential components to the development, stewardship, and sustainability of the Nunavut Fishing Industry. It is our firm belief that through the continued support of scientific and community-based research the fishery can be managed in a safe, sustainable manner to provide maximum benefit to local people.