Pond Inlet Booming

Baffin Fisheries trawlers Inuksuk I and Sivulliq made a rare joint appearance in Pond Inlet in August for quick crew transfers. After a quick turnaround, the vessels were back fishing.

Pond Inlet is a busy place in August. Baffin Fisheries Trawlers FV Sivulliq and FV Inuksuk I  both paid a visit to the hamlet, located in Eclipse Sound, at the northern tip of Baffin Island.

On August 22, the first sea lift of the season arrived, bringing much needed supplies, including the new HTO community Freezer building, funded by the Government of Nunavut Department of Economic Development and Transportation Community Freezer Program, and Baffin Fisheries

Baffin Fisheries is also constructing a new office building in Pond Inlet, to be used by Baffin Fisheries employees, the HTO, and commercial clients. Materials for the new building were shipped to Pond Inlet on the first sealift and construction is expected to be completed by

One half of the new Mittimatalik Community Freezer building makes its way from the beach to its new location in Pond Inlet.