The Arctic’s Best Kept Secret

Baffin Fisheries, in conjunction with other Nunavut stakeholders is working hard to see that Nunavummiut, over a reasonable time-frame, have access to the majority of the fish resources in its adjacent waters. From 2001 to 2012, Nunavut’s share of its adjacent fish resources has increased as follows:

  • 0A offshore turbot from 0 % to 100%.
  • 0B offshore turbot from 27% to 44%.
  • Today, Nunavut has access to 70% of the 0A + 0B offshore turbot resource in its adjacent waters.
  • Over the same period, the Territory’s share of shrimp in its adjacent waters has increased from 18% to 31%.

While this has been positive growth we must continue to lobby for equity and fairness in the allocations of fishery resources in Nunavut’s adjacent waters. It is only fair that Nunavut’s percentage share of allocations for  fish resources in its adjacent waters correspond to what our neighbours to the south enjoy for the fish resources in their adjacent waters.